Hello from France (with pictures)!

Well Chris and I finally have a moment to breath. We have been going at a non-stop pace and though its been amazing, we are totally exhausted. We are now sitting on a massive bed in France munching on a tasty French snack including: Ailladou cheese, some sliced meat, a variety of olives and rice cakes. We are currently staying in small town in France called La Charite which is located a couple hours outside of Paris. We arrived in France yesterday after exploring England for about 8 days. We have seen some breath taking sights. Some of our favorites include:

– The English Countryside including Hollybourne
– The White Cliffs of Dover where the battle of Britain was fought

White Cliffs of Dover

– London
– The Parliament Buildings
– Big Ben
– The London Eye
– The London Bridge

London Subway

– The Tower of London
– The Winston Churchill Britain at War Museum
– Heaver Castle (Anne Boleyn Childhood Home)
Heaver Castle

– Westminster Abbey
– Chartwell (The Home of Winston Churchill)
– Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

– Windsor Castle
– Les Miserable (In Theatre)
– Brighton
– Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant
– Clovelly (A small fishing village on a cliff in Devon)


– The Grave of Brynn’s Great Great Grandmother in Appledore (Elizabeth Anne Good)
– Stonehenge
– Devon, home of Brynn’s Great Grandparents
– A SCARY SCARY ride at Brighton Pier that Chris, my sister, brother in law and I went onas a dare.. I can only laugh at it now, but at the time it was not funny AT ALL.

Brighton Beach

After putting our minds together and writing this list we can’t believe we have seen all this stuff! Chris has kept up with the crazy pace and it seems has complained the least out of pretty much everyone. He has also gotten to know my family on a whole different level. I thinking sharing a bed with my little brother for the last ten days has been an experience. But everyone is still smiling and I think that is the most important thing.

Anyways, tonight (August 17) we have decided to take it easy, have a light dinner and watch a light show in a neighboring town. Tomorrow we will be up at the crack of dawn to spend the day in Paris. We have a couple more days in this small town and then we are heading more north. What an adventure!

Hope everything is well at home! We miss everyone lots and can’t wait to share our pictures and stories with you!

Chris & Brynn

Goodbye Canada….Hello Europe!

Chris, and Brynn and family have left on an amazing European Holiday.

They’ll be moving at warp speed to try to cram in

Penncourt Cottages in Kent
Chartwell and Jamie Olivers in Brighton
Stonehenge, Devon, Oxford, and Dover
Guedelon and St Fargeau
La logerie du Val de Noye

I believe they’re cramming that all into the span of 15 days. It sounds like it will be an amazing adventure and I believe that we might get a picture or two from them (while they’re over there), if we’re lucky.

Bon Voyage Guys! I hope it’s the trip of a lifetime.

Attention World…..

I thought it was time I update you all on some of the progress I have made since the last post. It’s my desire to give God credit for all he’s done for me and brought me through so I just want to share a little bit with you.

Since the last post, the wounds in my arm are finally healed. Right after the last plastic surgery I received care from a local walk in clinic daily and eventually with improvements every second day. In the last month I have been going into the clinic once a week for check ups and to receive bandages so I can dress the arm on my own which has worked well. As of my last visit to the clinic the nurse has discharged me as a patient there because my arm has finally healed up.

A couple months ago I went to the foot doctor to see if anything else could be done for my foot. At this time my foot specialist advised again any further surgery unless further problems were to arise. He believes my pain will be manageable through the use of pain killers and different lifts in my shoe. Though this news was hard to hear, I trust his professional opinion and believe that God is ultimately in control of the situation.

So after all that I’ve gone through, surgery after surgery, I am now on a count down until full recovery. After talking with all my specialists only two surgeries remain, teeth implants as well as plastic surgery on my arm and hand which is as Tony the Tiger would say ” ggGGGGRRRreat!”

I have been working with my insurers and made considerable progress with them as well. In the next month I have two appointments with the doctor about getting my license. As much as I love and am appreciative of Coast Mountain Bus Company, I am very excited at the prospect of having my own car again and regaining my independence in that matter once more. I have also begun to look into a variety of career possibilities so that when the time comes I will have some option in mind which I am hoping will happen shortly after my last two surgeries.

Through all the difficult times and situations these last few years have presented, I feel the chaos in my life finally beginning to settle and a greater sense of optimism for the future. In January this year, I asked an old friend if she wanted to come to one of my favorite band’s concerts down town. I’m sure she had no idea what she was getting herself into As crazy as my taste in music proved to be to her, she agreed to come and we both really enjoyed the evening together.

After spending more time together our friendship grew, and with the support and guidance of both families we decided to start a relationship. Brynn has been an amazing support to me. In the last six months, she has stood by me and become my best friend. We have both really enjoyed getting to know each other again, and enjoy spending time together going to concerts, dinner dates, playing cards, gardening, and spending time with our families and friends. Most recently we have picked up road biking (thanks for pushing me into that one Debbie). We both feel that God’s hand is in our relationship and look forward to seeing what lays ahead for both of us. We are both looking forward to a trip to Europe this summer with Brynn’s family (hopefully we will have some decent pictures to post).


So that is where my life is at currently. Thank you all for the prayers and support you have offered these past couple years. Without your prayers and God’s faithfulness I would not be where I am today.

What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.
C. S. Lewis

Day Surgery….it’s like a party with Bandages and Doctors

Chris went in to have the surgery on his arm and from the short conversation that I had with my mom (Karen), it went well.

He needs to have the bandage changed daily for the next two weeks and then they will reassess things after that.

I will have to talk to Chris himself and get some info directly from the big man himself. Maybe he can even be convinced to send in another picture of himself. Huh?? Nudge, nudge, Hint, HINT!!!

Things must have gone okay because after the surgery they headed out to Browns Social House for dinner…..so if Chris was up for a bit of galavating, then I’m assuming that it was an okay day.

Thanks for praying for Chris. We appreciate all the love and prayers.